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By Honey Spas, Nov 29 2017 05:29PM

As the weather begins to show signs of the cold winter that is approaching be sure to take proper care of your hot tub. With the cold weather comes freezing of lakes, ponds and unfortunately your water hoses. Be sure to keep track of time when you decide to drain your hot tub, so you don't end up having pieces that can freeze, which can ultimately lead to more problems later on. Think ahead and drain your tub.

Draining your hot tub can be benefical in so many ways. The first reason is that you've been using your hot tub all year and it's probably time to get new water flowing through your hot tub. It will be much more relaxing once you know that new clean water will be filtered through yout tub just in time for the new year.

Secondy, changing your water could be benefical to you and your family by further preventing the start of bacteria in the pipes of your hot tub. It is also recommeded that you take out your filter and clean it every time you drain your hot tub. Keeping that bacteria off the filter too. New filters can also be purchased in our showroom/ store.

Tis' the season for tons of sales, and why should gifts for your hot tub not make the list? There is a wide variety of potential stocking stuffers and gifts for the whole family to use that you can take advantange of this holiday season.

After you drain your hot tub you don't need to drain your savings. Come on down to Honey Spas and pick out a few of our Celebriducks for your kids to play with in the hot tub. Want to try something new? Try our book of Hot Tub Yoga for an exercise time in the hot tub. For more tips and ideas on presents for the whole family talk to our professionals. Honey Spas builds the best and services therest. For more information contact honeyspas@!aol.com

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