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By Honey Spas, Oct 12 2017 06:36PM

After the transitions to fall will come the colder and bitter weather. the old brown and crucnhy leaves will fall on your deck leaving a world of bright colors to change to a darker atomphere just in time for Halloween.

The pumpkins will line your deck and glow in the dark moonlight from the candles inside the jack -o-lanterns. Surrounding your hot tub will be the beginnings of the holiday and the remnants of the summer.

With the colder weather comes the greater enjoyment of your hot tub on a crisp fall night. As we go into this transition of the seasons we don;t have to bring the stressful things with us, and we can instead start to prepare for winter.

As the season starts to settle down let your hot tub cancel out the chaos of your life and start to embrace your choices with time in your hot tub to wind down your day.

Is your cover looking a little worn and old just like the falling leaves? That means it's almost time for winter, and a new cover. Order a new replacement hot tub cover from Honey Spas and get back some of the life in your backyard. Using your hot tub in the upcoming months will be a new experience and you don't want something as simple as an old cover to ruin your evening. Sit back and relax in your hot tub and enjoy the wonderful falll season.

There are a multitude of options to choose from so don't be afraid to start looking today!

By Honey Spas, Sep 6 2017 08:44PM

While you usher your kids off to the school bus stop with thier new backpacks and lunchboxes remember to breathe. The past month has been filled with running around, fitting in last minute back to school shopping and making sure everone is ready for the months to come.

School season brings the inevitable homework time and with it a more predictable ( but still chaotic) schedule for your family. While work and school are important, be sure to include relaxing in your hot tub as a part of your new routine.

After you spend your morning running around the house looking for someone's shoe and then have to rush to work, you get to come home and do it all again the next day. Don't be afraid to take some time for your self. Your hot tub will always be a nice warm and welcoming oasis for you to melt away your problems from throughout the long day.

If your kids try thier best all day, but still aren't getting the reslts you want to see - talk it over in the hot tub. In the midst of your family catching up from the highlights of each busy day, take a nice relaxing dip in the hot tub If you haven't quite got the hang of your new morning routine yet, let the past go. Talk through the plan for tomorrow's morning and how it can run as smoothly as the jets in your tub. Loosen up the days stresses and relax, unfortunaetly we all know the weekend isn't always in sight.

You don't have to dread the back to school season when you have the comfortable option your hot tub brings for you to re-energize after each day. Remember: Honey spas builds the best and services the rest. For any reccommendations on how to best relax in your hot tub contact our professionals at Honey Spas!

By Honey Spas, Aug 16 2017 06:43PM

When you get the chance to relax in your Honey Spa there is an overwhelming feeling of calm that takes away the stress of the day and throws your worries out the window. While taking a soak in your hot tub your're in charge: your tub, your rules.

When you see the peaceful steam rising from the surface of your hot tub, you feel calm as you think about dipping your feet in the nice hot water, ready to relax. As you walk by your hot tub you may notice that your hot tub cabinet has taken a lot of wear from the long hot summer days.

One of the things you may notice about your well crafted hot tub is the cabinet surrounding it looks weathered and needs attention. There's an easy fix to help keep your hot tub looking good and in good condition and that's by having the cabinet refinished.

It's a simple update to keep your hot tub looking as good as it did the day you first got it. If your cabinet was painted try adding a new coat of paint to it, or if it looks like it needs more attention you can purchase a brand new cabnet or have yours refurbished.

If you are thinking of painting it why not choose a different color, spice things up a bit, You could add a cool grey to the panels that would fit nicely with your dark spa cover, or a nice dark brown to bring your hot tub back to a more natural color. But your options are unlimited!

Sometimes work can bring out the serious side of the day, but your hot tub time can be as relaxinging as you need it to be. If you'd rather use your hot tub to warm up before a big event and are searching for some relaxing energy, you might try a soft yellow for your tub or even a brighter color to match your backyard oasis.

Just beacuse your cabinet didn't draw people's attention before doesn't mean you can't accentuate your hot tub area now. For an aspiring artist the panels and corners of your hot tub could be a canvas for some exquisite artwork that you would want to show off to all of yor friends.

No matter what your style is there is always a way to make your hot tub your own image of comfort. After you update your cabinet then there's more to time to relax in your hot tub.

Honey Spas has a Service Department that refurbishes hot tub cabinets, if your interested in more information contact us. Honey Spas builds the best and services the rest! honeyspas@aol.com

By Honey Spas, Aug 4 2017 08:51PM

Keeping up with the various chemicals in your Honey Spa can take extra time & effort. There is an easier solution that doesn't include buying various chemicals to put into your tub. Convert your Honey Spa to a saltwater sanitizing system where salt is the only addicive.

This new saltwater sanitizer has an ease of maintainence and helps keep your Honey Spa is ready for you to use & enjoy. With less chemicals added to your Honey Spa, this option is more cost effective and environmentally friendly.

When you purchase your saltwater system you're making an investment that's beneficial in so many ways. You will no longer need to purchase different chemicals to put in to your water and you can save money and time. Instead, the salt water system regulates everything your water needs with you only having to add salt.

A saltwater system will also work in any Honey Spa & swim spa to keep the water best sanitized for a relaxing, enjoyable time in your tub.

With the installation of your new saltwater sanitizer you will soon be able to relax in the silky smooth & soothing waters of your Honey Spa or swim spa. Your new saltwater system can make anyone's tub-time more enjoyable with the added health benefits of healthier looking skin.

Saltwater bathing has been used in countlless cultures throughout time. Bringing this "old as tiime" tradition into your tub is a simpler way to enjoy your soak. With a pure water chemistry in your spa or swim spa you can unwind, relax & leave the stress behind while enjoying a more natural way to relax.

Unlike the traditional smell of chemicals like Chlorine or Bromine in your tub, a saltwater system has little or no offense odor and can be as refreshing as a gentle sea breeze . This type of system has the benefit of hel lping to keep your tub sanaitized and ready to be enjoyed. Want to learn more about how a saltwater system can help you work less & enjoy your hot tub or swim spa more? Call the experts at Honey Spas and we will be glad to help, Remember, Honey Spas builds the best and service the rest.

By Honey Spas, Jul 28 2017 12:30PM

After a long hot summer day why not go home and enjoy your Honey Spa? During the summer, it’s easy to get caught up in the longer days, when it seems there is still not enough time to relax. This summer you can use your Honey Spa as a way to unwind at the end of a long day. If you were chasing your kids around in the blistering summer sun have them take a dip in your Honey Spaand have them slow down for a bit.

This summer you can take advantage of everything your Honey Spa has to offer. Imagine watching the glowing fireworks from the comfort of your Honey Spa, or imagine following blinking lightning bugs as they cross your yard.

In the heat of summer there’ s one sure way to cool down in your Honey Spa and that’s by turning the heat down. By lowering the temperature in your tub you can keep up with your regular relaxation routine and not have to worry about the scorching weather affecting your Honey Spa time. By turning down the heat for those hot summer days the lower temperature will save you energy and money. Not only is this option more cost-effective, but you can stay in your Honey Spa longer than normal. With the cool water in your Honey Spa there’s less chance of your body overheating with the added help to lower your body temperature.

Keeping your Honey Spa at lower temperatures to beat the hot weather helps you add to your own backyard oasis. This Independence Day let the kids run around at the family picnic and sport their red, white and blue knowing you can go home to relax and be independent in your own hot tub.

By enjoying a cool tub instead of a hot tub you have the ability to use your Honey Spa even more. If you ever think it’s too hot outside to use your Honey Spa this option still gives you the chance to get in some hot tub time.

Honey Spas build the best and service the rest. For any questions please contact us at honeyspas@aol.com.

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