LED Lights set the right mood.

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LED Lights set the right mood.

By Honey Spas, Feb 27 2018 05:54PM

LED lights in your tub are great for a number of reasons, the latest and greatest one is that it can affect the mood of bathers.

The colors of the LED lights affecting your mood in the spa can be explained through chromotherapy. An additional therapy through the colored lights in your spa can have so many benefits that you receive without any extra work. Add in the water therapy that can be exercised in your tub or spa and you have a whole experience that is adding to making your daily life more relaxed.

Your hot tub is yours, and you get to control it. The temperature depends on your mood and now your mood can depend on the lights. Having a controlled environment in your hot tub after a long day of an uncontrolled environment outside of your hot tub can add to the benefits you have after using a Honey Spa.

You can control your temperature, control your color and even control your guests. If you want a more romantic evening for just you and your partner, try changing the colors to see what best fits the relaxing tones to help make your night everything you want it to be.

What colors seem to be the most impactful? It seems that blues and greens bring the most calming aspects of the hot tub out, as bathers recall softer colors making thier soak feel more natural and relaxing.

LED Lights also help you find your way in the dark without using harsh lighting. A practical use added to a luxury that you won't regret!

While red lights might not be calming becasue they remind people of caution lights, red could be full of excitement and energy to others, it's basically whichever you prefer.

Yellow lights could alsobring a cheery connotation to your pleasant tub. If you like to take a morning soak in your hot tub this might be the color to start your day with. Yellow typically reminds people of the sun and happy memories associated along with it.

All of these colors can affect your mood while taking a dip in your Honey Spa. LED lighting can be installed in your spa upon purchase. If you don't have LED lights you may consider stopping by Honey Spas to find the perfect solution for you. Honey Spas builds the best and services the rest! For further questions call our experts or contact us at 610-856-6051 or email us at honeyspas@aol.com

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